What people are saying

“I have had an amazing experience working with RAD. I recorded 4 songs with Phil over 2 sessions and have been ecstatic with the outcome. These songs have helped me create a full demo which has booked me professional work over the past few months. The support and feedback I got from Phil, Luanne and the rest of the workshop crew throughout the whole process was wonderful and I can’t wait to come back to complete my album with RAD. I thoroughly recommend RAD to any aspiring or established singer who wants to create a professional quality recording either for the industry or just for fun. RAD will help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are.”

Hannah Harding , New York City

“If someone asked me to name two of my very favorite things to do, I would definitely say they are singing and songwriting. That’s because performing my original songs enables me to express my inner feelings and emotions. However, due to the fact that I don’t play an instrument, I was unable to give life to my music. That is until the day I met Phillip Carroll and began recording my music at RAD. To say that the encounter was transformative is not an overstatement, because it finally allowed me to collaborate with someone who intuitively understood my sentiments, and had the talent to make my musical aspirations a reality. Working with Phil was quite unique, because he instinctively discovered the full potential in each of my songs. While his outstanding musical orchestrations and expert piano accompaniment gave new meaning to my work, his valuable advice regarding vocal technique assisted in making me a better singer.


There is one other person I would like to acknowledge and that’s Luanne Surace, an integral part of the RAD experience. From assisting artists with helpful feedback, to her tireless efforts behind the scenes locating music venues where we may perform, Luanne has always been an unflagging advocate for all members of the RAD family. And that’s because she not only represents RAD, but also is herself a talented artist who has recorded her own CD’s with the organization.


I am very grateful to Phil and Luanne, as well as all the participants of RAD, whose expertise and excellence have enriched the lives of aspiring artists such as myself. And I can most sincerely state that recording with them was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.”

Maria Martir , New York City

“Thank you RAD for such a wonderful experience this past summer (2016). My final songs are a representation of a spiritual awakening. Phil Carroll is a gifted producer/composer/arranger & musician – but most of all he is a visionary with the ability to listen with his heart and appreciate your perspective.

The entire RAD process is a success. Beginning with the affordable price and Luanne Surace direction and management to the pricing process. The pre-production, group sessions and follow-up meetings are held regularly throughout the session. RAD participants are talented and nurturing – providing comments that are strong and direct. If you miss something, they let you know. All the while, encouraging you to use your voice in your music to tell your best story.
Industry guest speaker provided us with guidance on making our songs stronger and unique.

I highly recommend RAD to anyone seriously committed to having a high quality production of their work. I’m looking forward to continuing in the upcoming fall session.”

Katherine Dickson , New York City

“I feel so thankful for the opportunity to work with Recording Artists Development. RAD provides an incredible platform for recording artists at all levels along with mentorship, opportunity and a superb process. Phil Carroll’s expert and talented musicianship helps to bring out the best in each artist, always setting a new stage for their continued growth, while honoring their vision. I highly recommend RAD!”

Carmen Carreño , New York City

“RAD has been very instrumental in the development of my song writing skills. Both Luanne and Phil helped me understand the process from the first chords of a song to a finished album. I can’t thank them enough for their wisdom and unselfish approach. Thank you both!”

Darren Glick , New York City

“Working with RAD has been a truly wonderful experience. I have recorded about three times before, but working with Phil was one of the most organized recording experiences I have ever had. I really appreciated the fact that he gave us deadlines and set times in order to get the work done. I also loved the collaborative process and idea exchange between Phil and myself. I am really impressed with Phil Carroll’s creativity, musicianship, and overall professionalism. I also appreciated the group meetings that we attended as part of the RAD workshop. It was great to hear other musicians and their work- Listening to singers and musicians from all different genres really inspired and motivated me! I also really enjoyed giving and receiving feedback, especially from such an esteemed group. I truly felt as if each person in the RAD workshop had a constructive opinion and vision that helped me better develop as an artist, singer, and musician. Overall, I am really pleased with my RAD experience and plan to participate in the future!”

Charley Young , New York City

“Working with Recording Artist Development was one of the greatest creative experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t play an instrument but I’ve always written melodies and lyrics. Naturally I was nervous to actually record, but after speaking to Luanne and feeling the passion she brought to RAD, I was ready to move forward. When I had my phone consultation with Phil, I felt completely at ease and started to get excited. I knew I was talking to a producer who could help me create the song I was dreaming about. Our first session was magic. Phil understood what I needed and figured out the corresponding chords with ease. The night he played my song at the first group meeting, the other artists were positive and kind. It was amazing to hear feedback from other creative people and give them feedback, too. To work with individuals who are making music was incredibly rewarding, exciting and inspiring. I also made a whole new group of friends. If you have a song in your heart, RAD can help you bring it to life.”

Lawrence Daly , New York City

“I feel so fortunate to have found RAD. In an industry and a city where you’re constantly being told to compromise who you are for success, compete with everyone around you, and generally be strung along by everyone who “knows” so-and-so, it was refreshing to come across a group where growth and development are actually valued and in which an environment to foster those values are instituted. I am beyond grateful for the support I have received from RAD these past two years as I have grown and continue to grow as a songwriter and artist and as I have begun moving into a career of engineering and producing. Being a part of RAD always reminds of why I went into this field and moved to NYC in the first place. It’s about creation, connection, and the music.”

Katie Louchheim , New York City

“I LOVE singing onstage! In the recording studio, not so much. It’s a different animal: A beast, that for me was hard to tame. Then I took the RAD recording workshop and that beast turned from a lion to a lamb! Working with Phil and the supportive environment he, Luanne, Keter and the workshop participants created allowed me to have as much fun in the studio as I do onstage. Now I’m recording my original songs with ease and comfort and thoroughly enjoying myself one take at a time! I highly recommend the RAD workshops!!”

Derek Hood , New York City

“As a singer-songwriter, poet, actor and piano player, I have been performing in the NY Metropolitan area for the past 25 years. I am very happy to have been a part of Recording Artists Development under the very able hands of Philip Carroll as producer, musician AND engineer. I have benefited immensely from the bi-weekly group feedback meetings, and from the different industry professionals who sat in and gave excellent advice. I am pleased and give big thanks to Luanne Surace and Keter Braun for their direction and dedication to this excellent and affordable process. I am happy to be self-producing a CD of five songs produced by RAD and Phil Carroll, and with added previous material. I am also showcasing original songs in a solo act, as well as with Michael Aiello, another RAD songwriter recording artist. And I am happy to have signed with two licensing companies to be able to place myself and my songs in the commercial arena.”

Braxton Hicks , New York City