What people are saying

“I really enjoyed the development process of working with RAD. My song got the attention it needed and working within a community of songwriters was educational and fun. I always looked forward to my studio time with producer Phil Carroll and we incorporated a lot of input from our industry guests into the song. As a result, we expanded and gave full expression to my song, Balloon. And it was selected as a regional finalist in the 2014 NewSong Contest, so I know we did something right.”

Erel Pilo , New York City

“RAD has been an opportunity for me to record the original music I want to do and has been one of the greatest learning experiences in my life. I’ve grown so much from this group. The support and love has been a blessing. Thank you!”

Matthew Parker , New York City

“I really have enjoyed and have grown from the process of RAD. It’s amazing to take the basic structure of music and lyrics and bring it to so many new places. Phil is very supportive and continues to challenge you to find your voice and sound as an artist. Building the song from the ground up, you are able to create something very original and to present the song in it’s most appropriate style. I am always thrilled with the end result and am building my sound with each song. Many thanks to everyone at RAD.”

Leslie Diamond , New York City

“Through working with RAD, I have been given an opportunity to fulfill my lifelong goal of being a professional songwriter. After completing a song with RAD, a Sony VP loved it, and wants to shop me to publishers. I recommend RAD to any songwriter who is serious about making it in the business.”

Cristina Calderaro , New York City

“Working with RAD has been a great experience for myself and my musical partner, Curtis Becraft. Not only were we able to record my song “Fallin’” on a reasonable budget, but thanks to RAD’s connections we may also have the song placed with another recording artist. Thanks, RAD!”

Carla Lynne Hall and Curtis Becraft , New York City

“Thank you so much for welcoming me into the RAD group! It was truly a wonderful experience. It was great to have been part of the process of seeing how even the simplest ideas can be developed into a fully executed and marketable, finished product. And for me it was extra rewarding since I’ve been wanting to produce my bilingual illustrated songbook for over 10 years, and I finally got the courage to go for it. Thank you for encouraging me along the process, to dare to explore and try new things, and for making the process of creating such a fun experience. Phil is an absolutely brilliant composer/arranger/musician and I would definitely recommend for any songwriter to have the RAD experience. The featured industry guests were also great and brought a lot of value to the critique and development of the work, and being in a safe environment with the other RAD members made it easy to be vulnerable and open. I look forward to keep working with RAD in up-coming Sessions. By the way, I’m loving my recording! I can’t listen to it without getting goose bumps. Again, thank you for this experience and for helping me grow as a songwriter along the way.”

Jean-Marc Berne , New York City

“I’m stark raving glad for RAD! Many ideas never come to fruition for talent due to a lack of support. RAD offers not only an affordable, professionally produced product to artists but, a supportive environment in which to evolve. It’s important for me to have a deadline or I may sink into analysis paralysis as a writer. RAD offers scheduled sessions that bring songs to fruition. Valuable feedback as I worked allowed me to experiment, edit, and get to the heart of my lyrical intent. All musical genres are welcome and this averts a clique mentality which keeps the focus on artist development and quality of production. I will forever be grateful for the time and effort spent with RAD and the wonderful artists I engaged with through these gracious doors of creative inspiration.”

Val Kinzler , New York City

“I was ecstatic to have had the opportunity to compete in and win the 2011 Fall singer/songwriter competition with RAD. The opportunity to record a song for free with such professional guidance was truly a blessing. Phil lead a great consultation before we began the recording process and helped me to think about my music a lot more and really dive into the type of sound I wanted. I’m very happy with the results I got and have had a great time with RAD artists since the intensive.”

Emily Rupp , New York City

“RAD’s process helps all the artists to open their minds and ears to the multi-layered recording techniques and share ideas and critiques. RAD truly is a creative and caring oasis.”

Kalen Lister

“RAD gave me a chance to make my music. Philip Carroll was always patient and open to my ideas and suggestions for production.”

Nadine Ellman , New York City