The question for RAD is always: “how can we help this artist to grow?”

RAD is most engaged in developing artists. We work with beginning and more seasoned singer songwriter recording artists. The question is always: “how can we help this artist grow.” RAD’s mission and focus is to help each artist identify and understand where they are in their artistic and career development, and to help them move forward. RAD helps artists to find their voice and style and to set goals and design a path to meet those goals, step-by-step.

Artists working in RAD Workshops are entitled to a complimentary A&R Consult after each workshop. Artists will discuss their music, specific projects they are involved in or wish to pursue. Artists who have not worked with RAD, but wish to schedule an A&R consult with RAD’s Producer and team, are invited to do so.

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RAD Testimonial

Taylor Beyer“As someone who’s never set foot in a recording studio of any kind, I was blown away by how much the RAD community and Phil made me feel confident, seen, and taken care of. My fellow artists in the Fresh Tracks workshop were incredible and so supportive. Phil not only believed in my project (5 original cabaret style parodies), but encouraged me and helped me to go even further than I had imagined I could go with the material and the music. I walked away from the workshop with 5 high quality tracks to use as I book venues for my new cabaret show, as well as connections with other emerging and established artists. It was a truly wonderful and enjoyable learning experience.”

Taylor Beyer, New York City

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