RAD thanks Val Kinzler, Vanessa Lovestone, Shelly Wade & The So & So’s, ReW STaRR, Jana Peri & Jacob, Michelle Fury, Violizzy, Christine Briglia and C2 Harmonies, Lyndol Descant & Sonic Arts, Gina Healy & The Dream Band,
and all the singer-songwriters, recording artists, and musicians, who performed at the “Deja Blue” RAD Benefit and International Women’s Day Concert March 8th at the Red Lion.

It really was a great show of talent! What a wonderful event for International Women’s Day and to support RAD.

Thank you to Val Kinzler for organizing and hosting the event, and to the Red Lion, to RAD artist Katie Louchheim for her work, to Mike McHugh of New Century music for his help and support, and to all who attended and donated. You all rock!!

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