RAD Artist Reverend Yolanda, a singer-songwriter trans-femme performance artist and Interfaith Minister, is completing her original EP “Transcendence” with RAD Producer Phil Carroll in this Winter-Spring Next Level Recording Session!

Originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Rev. Yolanda writes her own lyrics and music, plays a mean guitar, and has a voice as big and powerful as her heartfelt message. Producer Phil Carroll is dedicated to helping Yolanda to create her music and get her message of love and compassion out into the world. Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour, is a gender-bending Gospel Celebration, every third Sunday from 3-5pm at the Sidewalk Cafe, NYC.

It is “church with a two-drink minimum!”

Yolanda is a Blues Hall of Fame Award Winner, a two-time MAC Award Winner, and a member of the GLBT Hall of Fame.

“My vision for the EP is to showcase original songs about my journey as a trans femme gender queer music minister, with the hopes of connecting and inspiring other trans people to live out loud and proud in whatever profession they choose.”

RAD will celebrate the release of Rev. Yolanda’s “Transcendence” with a party in April to raise money for transgender causes, including TLDEF.

Rev. Yolanda’s EP “Transcendence” is the first step toward RAD Producer Phil Carroll’s ultimate project: a full CD of songs by trans artists to be completed this year. Check out Rev. Yolanda’s website www.yolanda.net!





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