The question for RAD is always: “how can we help this artist to grow?”

Our Recording Sessions

RAD conducts a series of ten to twelve-week intensive recording sessions each year in which several singer-songwriters, selected by audition, work with RAD’s Creative Director/Producer Phil Carroll and the RAD Team to create their music. Beginning and experienced artists are welcome. Participants meet in four supportive group feedback meetings where in-progress songs are played and artists receive feedback and support from music industry experts. Our Producer works individually with each singer/songwriter to arrange, produce, and record the artist’s music into a final CD recording. Participants have the experience of working closely with our Producer and other musicians in the recording studio. Each artist has the experience of writing, arranging, and producing a song or songs in a supportive and creative environment.

The focus is on artistic development, songwriting technique, and style as well as hands-on recording studio techniques. RAD provides each artist with a fully mixed-and-mastered CD recording of his/her/their work to use to pursue artistic and career goals. At the end of each recording session, RAD premieres the newly-recorded music at a Showcase Listening Party.


Sessions to Choose from

Summer 2023 Recording Sessions

Pre-production begins May 15
Group Meetings: June 8, 22, July 6, 20
Listening Showcase Party August 4. Location TBD
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Record a basic demo of your original song or cover song in two studio sessions with one instrument accompaniment. Includes one group meeting prior to recording to rehearse your performance and discuss your arrangement and vision for your song, 2 one-hour studio sessions, and one group feedback meeting with guest listener.

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Singer-songwriters who are ready to record a larger project of a 4-6 song EP or a full album/CD are invited to join this extended recording workshop to develop, arrange, produce, record, mix and master your project. Individual studio hours and industry feedback meetings are included, as well as advice on packaging, promoting and marketing your project.

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RAD Testimonial

Lawrence Daly“Working with Recording Artist Development was one of the greatest creative experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t play an instrument but I’ve always written melodies and lyrics. Naturally I was nervous to actually record, but after speaking to Luanne and feeling the passion she brought to RAD, I was ready to move forward. When I had my phone consultation with Phil, I felt completely at ease and started to get excited. I knew I was talking to a producer who could help me create the song I was dreaming about. Our first session was magic. Phil understood what I needed and figured out the corresponding chords with ease. The night he played my song at the first group meeting, the other artists were positive and kind. It was amazing to hear feedback from other creative people and give them feedback, too. To work with individuals who are making music was incredibly rewarding, exciting and inspiring. I also made a whole new group of friends. If you have a song in your heart, RAD can help you bring it to life.”

– Lawrence Daly, New York City

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