The question for RAD is always: “how can we help this artist to grow?”

A&R Consult $75 per hour
Mastering $50 per hour | Attended Session $75 per hour
Mixing $50 per hour | Attended Session $75 per hour
(NOTE: 20% Discount if you are mixing and mastering)
Production Consult $75 per hour
Producer’s Workshop $300
Next Level and Fresh Tracks $800 per song. (Includes 10 studio hours. Reduced pricing
for more than one song, scholarships and payment plans available.)
Basic Demo $200 (includes 2 studio hours, group meetings)
EP/CD Recording Email for price – based
upon your project details.
Vocal Technique Workshop $30 per class or 4 classes for $100
Vocal Coaching $80 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase of RAD services is not tax-deductible.


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RAD Testimonial

Katie Louchheim“I feel so fortunate to have found RAD. In an industry and a city where you’re constantly being told to compromise who you are for success, compete with everyone around you, and generally be strung along by everyone who “knows” so-and-so, it was refreshing to come across a group where growth and development are actually valued and in which an environment to foster those values are instituted. I am beyond grateful for the support I have received from RAD these past two years as I have grown and continue to grow as a songwriter and artist and as I have begun moving into a career of engineering and producing. Being a part of RAD always reminds of why I went into this field and moved to NYC in the first place. It’s about creation, connection, and the music.”

– Katie Louchheim, New York City

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