A&R Consult $75 per hour [wp_cart_button name=”A&R Consult” price=”75.00″]
Mastering $50 per hour | Attended Session $75 per hour
Mixing $50 per hour | Attended Session $75 per hour
(NOTE: 20% Discount if you are mixing and mastering)
Production Consult $75 per hour
Producer’s Workshop $200
Next Level and Fresh Tracks $600 per song. (Includes 10 studio hours. Discounted price for two or more songs.
Scholarships and Payment Plans available.)
Basic Demo $80 (includes 2 studio hours)
EP/CD Recording Email luanne@recordingartistsdevelopment.org for price – based upon your project details.
Vocal Technique Workshop $100 for 4 sessions or $30 per session
Vocal Coaching $80 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase of RAD services is not tax-deductible.