“Working with RAD has been a truly wonderful experience. I have recorded about three times before, but working with Phil was one of the most organized recording experiences I have ever had. I really appreciated the fact that he gave us deadlines and set times in order to get the work done. I also loved the collaborative process and idea exchange between Phil and myself. I am really impressed with Phil Carroll’s creativity, musicianship, and overall professionalism. I also appreciated the group meetings that we attended as part of the RAD workshop. It was great to hear other musicians and their work- Listening to singers and musicians from all different genres really inspired and motivated me! I also really enjoyed giving and receiving feedback, especially from such an esteemed group. I truly felt as if each person in the RAD workshop had a constructive opinion and vision that helped me better develop as an artist, singer, and musician. Overall, I am really pleased with my RAD experience and plan to participate in the future!”