RAD Testimonials

Matthew Walters Bowens“Working with RAD was a lovely and eye opening experience. The diligent and socially competent team always creates a structured and collaborative environment great for beginner and seasoned recording artists alike. I was introduced to RAD after a cabaret performance at the Duplex and because of them I got to explore new areas of my creativity while also expanding my social circle of artists. Thank you RAD!”

– Matthew Walters-Bowens, New York City


Rev. Yolanda“Working with RAD, and Phil Carroll has been a dream come true. Never have I worked with a producer who so thoroughly understood me as an artist, and who had the talent to produce my music the way I hear it in my own head. Phil Carroll is a world class talent. He truly can play and produce any style of music ranging from Rock to Pop to Dance to Jazz to Broadway to Gospel and back again. I have never seen anything like it! His musicianship, timing and creativity is impeccable!

RAD is an emotionally supportive, encouraging organization. RAD provides recording services at such a reasonable price that I suggest any recording artist of any age or genre to check them out.”

– Rev. Yolanda, Brooklyn, New York

Brittaney Chatman“Two years ago, I moved to New York without depending on family members already established in the industry, and without a blueprint for creating an album from scratch. Fast forward to tonight, I had my first listening showcase party! Thank you Phil, Luanne, the entire RAD team for your wisdom, compassion, encouragement, and unselfish collaboration!”

– Brittaney Delsarte Chatman, Brooklyn, New York

Hannah Harding“I have had an amazing experience working with RAD. I recorded 4 songs with Phil over 2 sessions and have been ecstatic with the outcome. These songs have helped me create a full demo which has booked me professional work over the past few months. The support and feedback I got from Phil, Luanne and the rest of the workshop crew throughout the whole process was wonderful and I can’t wait to come back to complete my album with RAD. I thoroughly recommend RAD to any aspiring or established singer who wants to create a professional quality recording either for the industry or just for fun. RAD will help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are.”

– Hannah Harding, New York City

“RAD is an artist’s haven. This past Summer was my first experience recording and since my first session RAD has been a space free of judgment, and full of support. Through their Fresh Tracks Recording Session, RAD allowed me to lose my fears, be free, and create my first song. I was surrounded by other wonderfully diverse artists, who shared their song’s evolution every week. Luanne and Phil made sure the organization went smoothly and even thought the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, it was also professional, ensuring we would be able to have a final product we were proud of. Justin, my extremely dedicated producer, was the perfect fit for me.The result was an incredible experience, my first recorded song, and making new passionate creative friends. And now, the Fall Recording Session is here and I am continuing to record and work towards having my own CD. Keep dreaming with RAD!”

– Pelayo AF, NYC, Singer Songwriter

RAD Testimonials

Taylor Beyer“As someone who’s never set foot in a recording studio of any kind, I was blown away by how much the RAD community and Phil made me feel confident, seen, and taken care of. My fellow artists in the Fresh Tracks workshop were incredible and so supportive. Phil not only believed in my project (5 original cabaret style parodies), but encouraged me and helped me to go even further than I had imagined I could go with the material and the music. I walked away from the workshop with 5 high quality tracks to use as I book venues for my new cabaret show, as well as connections with other emerging and established artists. It was a truly wonderful and enjoyable learning experience.”

Taylor Beyer, New York City


Maria Matir“If someone asked me to name two of my very favorite things to do, I would definitely say they are singing and songwriting. That’s because performing my original songs enables me to express my inner feelings and emotions. However, due to the fact that I don’t play an instrument, I was unable to give life to my music. That is until the day I met Phillip Carroll and began recording my music at RAD. To say that the encounter was transformative is not an overstatement, because it finally allowed me to collaborate with someone who intuitively understood my sentiments, and had the talent to make my musical aspirations a reality. Working with Phil was quite unique, because he instinctively discovered the full potential in each of my songs. While his outstanding musical orchestrations and expert piano accompaniment gave new meaning to my work, his valuable advice regarding vocal technique assisted in making me a better singer.

There is one other person I would like to acknowledge and that’s Luanne Surace, an integral part of the RAD experience. From assisting artists with helpful feedback, to her tireless efforts behind the scenes locating music venues where we may perform, Luanne has always been an unflagging advocate for all members of the RAD family. And that’s because she not only represents RAD, but also is herself a talented artist who has recorded her own CD’s with the organization.

I am very grateful to Phil and Luanne, as well as all the participants of RAD, whose expertise and excellence have enriched the lives of aspiring artists such as myself. And I can most sincerely state that recording with them was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.”

– Maria Martir, New York City

Carmen Carreno

“I feel so thankful for the opportunity to work with Recording Artists Development. RAD provides an incredible platform for recording artists at all levels along with mentorship, opportunity and a superb process. Phil Carroll’s expert and talented musicianship helps to bring out the best in each artist, always setting a new stage for their continued growth, while honoring their vision. I highly recommend RAD!”

– Carmen Carreño, New York City

Darren Glick

“RAD has been very instrumental in the development of my song writing skills. Both Luanne and Phil helped me understand the process from the first chords of a song to a finished album. I can’t thank them enough for their wisdom and unselfish approach. Thank you both!”

– Darren Glick, New York City


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