What people are saying

“I’m stark raving glad for RAD! Many ideas never come to fruition for talent due to a lack of support. RAD offers not only an affordable, professionally produced product to artists but, a supportive environment in which to evolve. It’s important for me to have a deadline or I may sink into analysis paralysis as a writer. RAD offers scheduled sessions that bring songs to fruition. Valuable feedback as I worked allowed me to experiment, edit, and get to the heart of my lyrical intent. All musical genres are welcome and this averts a clique mentality which keeps the focus on artist development and quality of production. I will forever be grateful for the time and effort spent with RAD and the wonderful artists I engaged with through these gracious doors of creative inspiration.”

Val Kinzler , New York City

“I was ecstatic to have had the opportunity to compete in and win the 2011 Fall singer/songwriter competition with RAD. The opportunity to record a song for free with such professional guidance was truly a blessing. Phil lead a great consultation before we began the recording process and helped me to think about my music a lot more and really dive into the type of sound I wanted. I’m very happy with the results I got and have had a great time with RAD artists since the intensive.”

Emily Rupp , New York City

“RAD’s process helps all the artists to open their minds and ears to the multi-layered recording techniques and share ideas and critiques. RAD truly is a creative and caring oasis.”

Kalen Lister

“RAD gave me a chance to make my music. Philip Carroll was always patient and open to my ideas and suggestions for production.”

Nadine Ellman , New York City

“Recording Artists Development, Inc. is a nurturing, safe environment where
you are surrounded by creative, artistic, and constructively opinionated
people. Phil takes your little embryo of a song and develops it into a full
grown child.”

Laura Giannone , New York City

“Recording Artists Development has taken my music to levels I never thought it could reach. Before I starting working with Philip and all of the wonderful people at RAD, I never realized the extent to which I could develop as a songwriter and an artist. My experiences with RAD have been life altering.”

Apryl Evans , New York City

“This is my third songwriting workshop at RAD. Working with Philip Carroll has been wonderful. Phil has helped my music grow from lyrics on a sheet and melodies that exist in my mind into fixed recordings with production that really represents who I am and the sounds I’d like to integrate in my work. Phil even takes the time to go through my music and help me choose which songs are best for me to work on. Phil also allows me to search with him to find sounds and instrumentation that match my style. The group critiques are very helpful as well because you get input from all of the workshop members in addition to special guests. It’s such a fun process and I am thankful that I have been lucky enough to find a talented producer like Phil and a nurturing group like RAD. that sets out to help the singer/songwriter truly develop into a recording artist.”

Margot Bitter

“Working with Philip Carroll and the RAD workshop, and listening to the development of different styles brought in by the other artists, opened my mind to new explorations of my own songs.”

Karen Lee Hallam