The question for RAD is always: “how can we help this artist to grow?”

RAD offers individual vocal coaching upon request. For beginning and advanced singers. Singers work on vocal and breathing technique to develop your singing voice and performance ability, and build your repertoire. The focus is on individual coaching and guidance to improve your vocal delivery in your recording and live show performance.

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RAD Testimonial

Derek Hood“I LOVE singing onstage! In the recording studio, not so much. It’s a different animal: A beast, that for me was hard to tame. Then I took the RAD recording workshop and that beast turned from a lion to a lamb! Working with Phil and the supportive environment he, Luanne, Keter and the workshop participants created allowed me to have as much fun in the studio as I do onstage. Now I’m recording my original songs with ease and comfort and thoroughly enjoying myself one take at a time! I highly recommend the RAD workshops!!”

Derek Hood, New York City

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